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Complete Java Server Pages (JSP) Training

(This course is designed for individual group and can be customized according to business need.) view class outline
Course No: DG-J151 view class outline Course Duration: 2 Days (14 Hrs.) Ratio of Hands-on/Lecture:
70% hands-on/practical, 30% lecture.
Price: $400.00  
S/W Required: JDK 6 or higher version, Eclipse 3.5, Tomcat 7, comprehensive lab files provided by us. Location and Pricing : Price of training depends on location and mode of training class. To receive a customized proposal and price quote Get A Quote Read More...
Training Mode
  • One-On-One online training
  • One-On-One training in your location
  • Regular scheduled batch training in your location or our location
  • Fast track training in your location or our location
  • Mode of training is flexible and it is according to learner
Learning Objectives:
After completing this course the student should be able to:  
  • Build JSPs according to the current JSP 1.2 specification
  • Build custom JSP tag libraries
  • Integrate servlets and JSPs into a complete Java EE application
  • Test servlets and JSPs using the WebSphere Test Environment
Develop and test server-side applications that use JSP for flow of e-business applications. Students will learn JSP and interactions with JSPs using Tomcat 7.0. The role that the JSP plays in the MVC architecture. Database operations using Servlets-JSP and session tracking. This course is taught by industry expert who already worked on various domain on the technology. This training is provided by working professional, main moto to deliver complete content in simple way so that trainee can work on live project very effectively. Trainer is the Java Web Component Certified Professional.. You can contact for demo / trial class of 2 hrs length so please book you demo slot by clicking of Contact Us

JSP (Java Server Page) Couse Outline

1. JSP Basic
  • JSP Programming Techniques
  • JSP directives
  • JSP expressions
  • JSP scriptlets
  • JSP declarations
  • Developing and testing JSP
  • JavaServer Pages in WSAD
  • Editing JSP
  • Predefined variables
  • JSP page design
  • JSP testing
2. Using Java Beans in a JSP
  • What is a JavaBean?
  • Structure of a JavaBean
  • Life cycle
  • Properties
  • A very simple bean
  • Using JavaBeans in JSP
  • The jsp:useBean tag
  • The jsp:useBean Scope
  • The jsp:useBean in Action
  • The jsp:getProperty tag
  • The jsp:setProperty tag
  • Mixing scriplets and bean tags
3. JSP Programming Techniques
  • Using of input html element in JSP
  • Form input validation
  • Session management
  • Error handling
  • Cookies
4. JSP Include
  • Including of One JSP into another
  • Static include and Dynamic Include
  • Implicit Variable in JSP
  • Understanding the importance of JSP in MVC

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