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OCP-JP (Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer) Training Course

(This course is designed for individual or Group and can be customized as per the business requirements)
Course No: DG-J206 view class outlineCourse Duration: 4 Days (32 Hrs.) Ratio of Hands-on/Lecture:
70% hands-on/practical, 30% lecture.
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Prerequisites:All attendees must have substantial prior experience with Java SE.Note: If you have purchased this class, please Contact Us for details. Location and Pricing :Price of training depends on location and mode of training class. To receive a customized proposal and price quote Get Quote Read More... S/W Required: JDK 6 or 7, Eclipse IDE.
Batch Size : 2-5, no scheduled batch would be cancel due to less no of participant. Batches are designed in such way so that proper attention can be given to the trainee in order to understand and use the technique tought by trainer.
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Training Mode :
  • Individual or Group (in 2-5) Training.
  • Week end training by talented working professional.
  • One-On-One training in our location.
  • Regular scheduled batch training in your location or our location.
  • Fast track training in your location or our location.
  • You can opt mode we are flexible and it is according to learner.
View Course Objectives in Details

OCP-JP (Formerly SCJP) Training Outline

  • Introduction to Java
  • Difference between C/C++ and Java
  • Object Oriented Concepts / Principles
  • Sample Java Program
  • Declaring Variables and their initialisation
  • Data Types
  • Type Conversion and Casting
  • Arrays - Simple and Multidimensional
  • Literals
  • Operators
  • Control Statements
  • Seletion (if , switch)
  • Iterators (While loop, Do-while loop, For loop, Neted loops)
  • Jump (Break , Continue , Return statements)
  • Introduction to Class
  • Objects/Class instance
  • Class Variables
  • Constructors - Default, With and Without parameter
  • Methods - With and Without parameter
  • Calling Methods
  • this keyword
  • finalize() Method
  • Overriding Methods
  • Overloading Methods and Constructors
  • Access Controls
  • static and final
  • Command line arguments
  • References to Objects
  • Comparing Objects
  • Determining the Class of an Object
  • Garbage Colletion
  • Inheritance (Super Class , Sub Class, Abstract Class, final to prevent overriding/inheritance)
  • Packages
  • Access protection
  • Interface - single and multiple implementation
  • Exception Handling (Try-catch, Exception Types, Multiple catch clauses, Nested try statement, throw, throws, finally, Built-in Exceptions, Custom Exception)
  • String Handling
  • String Functions
  • String Buffer
  • Exploring java.lang
  • Exploring (File)
  • Streams
  • Serialization
  • Colletion Framework
  • Other Utility Classes
  • Java Reflection
  • Java New Features of 6 and 7 version's
  • Threads
  • Introduction to Threads
  • Creating and Using Threads
  • Thread Scheduling
  • Writing Applets with Threads
  • Runnable Interface
OCP-JP Certification Objectives
  • Section 1: Declarations, Initialization and Sco...
  • Section 2: Flow Control
  • Section 3: API Contents
  • Section 4: Concurrency Go Top
OCP-JP Certification Objectives
  • Section 5: Concepts
  • Section 6: Collections / Generics
  • Section 7: Fundamentals
  •

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