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Online Java JEE Spring Hibernate Web Services Training Courses by hands-on professional


Our Offerings

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Duration Cost(US$)Book Your
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Java Certification Training Courses
1.OCP, Java SE 6 Programmer (OCP-JP) (formerly SCJP) 6 days (48 Hrs.)$550.00Book Your Demo
2.OCP, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer (OCP-WCD) (formerly SCWCD) 8 days (64 hrs.)$550.00Book Your Demo
3.OCP-BCD, Java EE 5 Business Component Developer (OCP-BCD) (formerly SCBCD) 8 days (64 hrs.)$650.00Book Your Demo
4.OCP, Java EE 5 Web Services Developer (OCP- JWS) (formerly SCDJWS) 5 days (40 hrs.)$650.00Book Your Demo
5.OCM-EA (Oracle Certified Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect) (formerly SCEA) 8 days (64 hrs.)$1,250.00 Book Your Demo
6.OCE, JEE6, Enterprise Java Beans Developer 4 days (32 hrs.)$550.00 Book Your Demo
7.OCE, JEE6, Java Persistence API Developer 4 days (32 hrs.)$500.00 Book Your Demo
8.OCE, JEE6, Web Services Developer 3 days (24 hrs.)$640.00 Book Your Demo
9.OCE, JEE6 Web Component Developer 6 days (48 hrs.)$550.00Book Your Demo
10.OCA, Java SE 5/SE 6 (OCA-JAVA) (formerly SCJA)4 days (32 hrs.) $450Book Your Demo
JAVA JEE Application Development Training Courses
1. Core Java / SCJP 6 or 7 5 days (40 hrs.)$550.00 Book Your Demo
2. JSP, Servlet, JSTL & MVC 6 days (48 Hrs.)$600.00Book Your Demo
3. 6 days (48 Hrs.)$600.00 Book Your Demo
4.Complete Java Server Pages (JSP) Training 2 days (16 Hrs.)$300.00 Book Your Demo
5.Complete Java Servlet Programming 2 days (16 Hrs.)$200.00 Book Your Demo
6.Design Patterns in Java 6 days (48 Hrs.)$700.00 Book Your Demo
7.DelhiGuru Course of Core Java SE 7 7 days (56 Hrs.)$650.00Book Your Demo
8.DelhiGuru course of Advanced Java 8 days (64 Hrs.)$650.00Book Your Demo
9.Web Application Development using Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.x 6 days (48 Hrs.)$550.00Book Your Demo
10.Object Oriented Thought Process (OOTP) 3 days (24 Hrs.)$500.00Book Your Demo
11.Application Development using EJB 3.0 with JBoss AS 6 days (48 Hrs.)$650.00Book Your Demo
12.Application Development using EJB 2 with JBoss AS 5 days (40 Hrs.)$600.00Book Your Demo
13. Java Persistence API ( JPA ) 4 days (32 Hrs.)$600.00Book Your Demo
14.Developing applications with Java EE 6 Platform 6 days (48 Hrs.)$640.00Book Your Demo
Java JEE Application Framework Training Courses
1. Core Spring 3.0 with Hibernate 7 days (56 Hrs.)$650.00 Book Your Demo
2.Hibernate 3 4 days (32 Hrs.)$450.00 Book Your Demo
3. Core Spring 3.0 5 days (40 Hrs.)$600.00 Book Your Demo
4.Web Application Development using Struts 2 MVC 5 days (40 Hrs.)$400.00 Book Your Demo
5.Apache Struts 5 days (40 Hrs.)$500.00 Book Your Demo
6. Spring Web Flow (SWF) 4 days (32 Hrs.)$800.00 Book Your Demo
7.EJB 3 (Enterprise Java Bean) 5 days (40 Hrs.)$700.00 Book Your Demo
8.Java JEE EJB 2 (Enterprise Java Bean) 5 days (40 Hrs.)$600.00 Book Your Demo
9.Web Services 7 days (56 Hrs.)$700.00 Book Your Demo

 About Trainer

All the Week End and Online one-on-one and corporate trainings are by hands-0n working professional trainer. Trainer having experience in different top notch MNC companies, in different domains as banking, Finance, Telecom, Travel, Ecommerce, Media and Entertainment. One demo class of two hours duration is absolutely free, subject to availabilty of slot for the trial. for this by just book your slot by clicking here contact us. No need to pay for the demo class provided by the trainer, just send your details on contact [at] delhiguru [dot] in . To receive a customized proposal and price quote of private training at your location or online, please  contact us.
We have a froup of freelance trainers having Sun JAVA Certification, Oracle Certification Professional, in Java JEE.

 Trail / Demo Class

A two hours One demo / trial class is absolutely free, pay your training course fee, after satisfaction about trainer and training contents. For demo class you need to book your slot by just sending mail with your details at or send details through contact us query form, simply click and send details on contact us

  Sielent Training Feature

  • Expert and Java Certified Working professional trainer.
  • Course content as classroom training.
  • Save time and money by avoiding expensive travel.
  • 1-on-1 Classes available at a mutually decided time during the day/evening/weekends and can be started from Any Date.
  • Train at home, office, or anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Training with not only how to crack inteview but also how to work without hisitation on that topic.
  • Material or respective book provided by us.
  • In Group Training, meet students from different nationalities to learn and share through each other's experience.
  • In Week-end and evening, training by working talented Professional.
  • Latest Environment used during training like latest Eclipse IDE, Tomcat 7 / JBoss 7
  • Small size of group up to 5 only, so that indivitual doubt can be clear efficiently and effectivly.
  • Ask your doubt/queries up after finishing your course while working on project.
  • There are different types of training timing slot for the courses 1. full day (8 hrs), 2. half day (4 hrs) and 3. customization of slot based on requirement.
  • Provide understanding of architecture of live project, during the training so that trainee can be implement his/her knowledge in live project.
  • Interested candidate can work on live Project, after training.

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